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Recently, the attention ChatGPT has attracted has resulted in artificial intelligence (AI) services and AI technology impacting various industries. The education sector is no exception. Domestic game changers, who are changing the landscape of the global 'EDUTECH' market based on cutting-edge innovative technologies such as AI, AR, and robot technology, are attracting attention. ‘EduTech’ refers to education with technology.

According to Holon IQ, a global education industry research institute, the size of the 'Edutech' market, which applies technology to education, is expected to reach $404 billion (approximately 532 trillion won) by 2025.

The new edutech is different from that of the past. In the past, there was a time when people were surprised by simply learning methods online or through IT devices, but now, keywords such as AI, robots, coding, and ICT are becoming new trends in the edutech market.

The prediction that an era will come where IT talent who can 'comfortably build a robot and execute simple coding tasks' will become commonplace in not only elementary school students but also in kindergarteners is now becoming a reality.

◇ALUX Robot Edutech, experienced by 300,000 students nationwide

ALUX, an edutech company specializing in robots, has a solid lineup of over 70 educational products based on 25 intellectual property rights and patents. It provides the optimal curriculum in real-time according to individual learning patterns. It is a startup with a domestic and international IT education network and integrated robot education solution, and is currently leading the edutech market.

ALUX has been raising its global status by hosting the PRC (Global-Pro Robot Championship) robot coding competition since 2014. As of last year, more than 70,000 people from various countries including Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei have participated. It has established itself as an icon in the robot education market based on its own developed robot coding materials, content, and R&D technology research center.

An official from the company said, "To date, the number of students who have experienced Alux's robot edutech is more than 300,000 nationwide, making it a cradle for nurturing IT talent."

He added, "We recently launched 'AXtar Coding,' an elementary and middle school coding education academy.

“We entered the new B2C market and established a stable profit model,” he explained.

The core product lines include the 'PROBO Series,' a robot teaching aid that is synonymous with the robot education brand, 'VINU,' the world's first unplugged coding tool that allows learning coding without a computer connection, and a 'drone' that can be controlled in conjunction with a coding program. Through ALUX's professional training course, children can learn the overall mechanism by which robots operate and experience practical coding.

◇Speak Easy Labs, new language education based on ChatGPT

'Speak' by edutech company SpeakEasy Labs is an artificial intelligence (AI) voice recognition English learning solution developed based on Open AI's large-scale language model 'GPT-4'.

Speakeasy Labs is a portfolio company of the 'OpenAI Startup Fund' operated by OpenAI and has priority access to OpenAI's new technologies. The reason for the high level of completion from the initial version is the cooperative relationship with OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT.

Speak attracted a Series B investment worth 38 billion won from the 'Open AI Startup Fund' operated by Open AI in November last year. Speak has been using GPT-4 to implement part of the AI tutor function for two months before GPT-4 was released.

A company official said, "The AI tutor developed based on GPT-4 not only evaluates the user's language proficiency level and corrects simple grammatical errors, but also has a personalized feedback function, such as changing awkward expressions to expressions actually used by native speakers.

“With GPT-4, we can create accurate and consistent conversations and also enable more natural interactions between users and AI tutors,” he explained.

◇Maspresso resolves educational blind spots with AI app service

'Qanda,' an app service operated by Masspresso, allows you to take a photo of an unknown problem and AI provides customized content, including problem-solving, related types, and concept videos within 5 seconds of reading. Not only does it provide information on related lectures and concept books, but if one still doesn't understand the problem solutions, one may ask 'Teacher Qanda' one-on-one questions.

Last year, they launched a ‘school exam service’ that provides middle and high school past exam questions and explanations. This service allows you to receive past exam materials, which were mostly only accessible through local academies, in digital format and receive them at a low cost.

A Mass Press official said, "As the importance of grades in entrance exams has recently increased, we expect that students who study independently will help reduce the burden of private education by not having to register separately at a private academy for exam materials."

Qanda recorded 75 million subscribers last year. Vietnam ranks first with 20 million subscribers, followed by Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, and Japan. Overseas nations account for a whopping 87% of all subscribers.

Source: Global Economic Reporter Kim Tae-hyung



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CEO Chi-heon Lee, Da-in Lee

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