Coding Education Becomes Essential – K-Coding Robots Making an Impact Domestically and Internationally

The Essential Era of Coding Education...

K-coding robot active in Korea and abroad 


Last year, when the Ministry of Education decided to strengthen coding education, coding robots that even infants and children can easily access attracted attention. Representative, domestic edutech companies, Ice Cream Media and ALUX, are diversifying education through their coding robots and are also active in overseas expansion. In addition to the domestic education market, they are promoting K-coding robots by expanding into the global edutech market.

According to related industries on the 9th, the coding education market is booming after the Ministry of Education announced that it would make coding education mandatory in elementary and middle schools beginning in 2025.

The domestic school-age population is decreasing by about 2.5% every year, which can be described as a crisis in the education market, just looking at the numbers. However, the average monthly private education expenditure per person in the private education market is growing by 8% yearly, the largest increase in history.

In particular, as EduTech entered the education market after the COVID-19 pandemic, costs of equipment, platforms, and teaching aids were imposed, and EdTech was recognized to be a breakthrough in the crisis in the education world.

The industry estimates the size of the future education market to be approximately 900 billion won and expects it to grow even further. In particular, the 1.5 trillion won market, which combines the future education and after-school school markets, is attracting attention because it is a market that can provide coding, robot, and artificial intelligence (AI) education.

Among them, ALUX, which created the AI coding robot 'VINU,' a coding education tool, achieved its highest performance last year, with sales increasing 40% from the previous year, thanks to this growth.

Established in 2015, ALUX has its own developed robot coding tools and content, as well as an R&D technology laboratory. In particular, the coding robot 'VINU' is a popular tool utilized in after-school classes.

VINU is a product that uses its own LCD monitor and touch input function built into the main body to enable coding education without connecting electronic devices, such as a separate computer, smartphone, or installing programs. Children can freely set movement coordinates according to the coding command value they designed and use the built-in sensor to provide vivid experiential coding education, such as moving ViNU on a playboard with various missions such as tilt, color, and movement.

Another feature of the product is its division into infant and elementary grades to provide age appropriate education to each child. The toddler edition has more pictures and is simpler and easier when compared to the elementary-grade edition.

In this manner, VINU is updated in various forms, and by changing the chip (like a Nintendo), you can access new content at any time.

ALUX is raising awareness by making its presence known through global exhibitions. For example, it participated in the 'BETT Show,' the world's largest edutech fair, for two consecutive years, where it introduced VINU. Now, discussions are underway to enter the Brazilian market, and visible activities are being carried out in Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Vietnam, India, and Bulgaria through the sampling of their own robot education products.

The overseas after-school education market is also knocking on the door. ALUX has signed an MOU with Nulture Studio, a Singapore-based after-school education company, and is expected to achieve tangible results, such as launching local instructor training this year.

An ALUX official said, "Coding robots are not just robots that help people learn to code, but they are developing into a creative convergence education model with various fields such as math, music, and art, and fostering the potential IT capabilities of children who will lead the future. “We will innovate in a way that can help,” he said.

The coding robot ‘TuruTuru’ created by Ice Cream Media is being used in over 2,000 elementary schools nationwide.

TrueTruTuru is an all-in-one coding robot that allows you to easily learn the entire process going from unplugged to Scratch, text coding such as JavaScript or Python to AI, and is characterized by the ability to expand areas and functions depending on the student's level.

As coding education to create programs in computer languages becomes mandatory in elementary schools from 2026, TuruTuru will teach the basic concepts and algorithms of coding using unplugged coding cards, artificial intelligence using Scratch, a SW education program, and a teachable machine provided by Google. They will provide SW education content so that you can easily learn intelligence.

It also attracts attention as it provides AI teaching materials and unplugged board games for free, increasing learner convenience and interest.

TuruTuru signed a contract worth $200,000 (approximately 260 million won) to exclusively supply robots to Spain and Portugal at the British BETT exhibition held last March.

Source: Reporter Ahn Hee-jung of GDNet Korea


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