‘Fostering future talent amid the growth of emerging industries!’ A unique early education program catches attention.

"Mom, I want to be a robot expert!" 

A unique early education to foster future talents in the artificial intelligence era! 

- Increased cutting-edge education to foster future talent amid the growth of new technologies and new industries

- Eye-catching early education programs ranging from robot, AI, and drone education edutech to mobility and space science.

More and more companies are providing future education to children and teenagers and developing their dreams, drawing attention. 

As a result of a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training last year on the status of career education in elementary and secondary schools, 'computer engineer/software developer' rose to 5th place, following 10th place in 2020 and 8th place in 2021. It has emerged as one of the top five occupations, along with doctors and teachers, which were previously considered unwaveringly popular occupations. This result is in line with the digital transformation (DX) and cutting-edge trends spreading throughout the industry.

Meanwhile, the number of companies providing future education to children and teenagers and nurturing their dreams is increasing, attracting attention. We introduce courses that can give wings to children's dreams, from edutech courses that can develop IT knowledge, such as robots and AI, to an academy for talented individuals who will lead the space science industry.

◇ Robotic talent: ALUX, develop digital literacy from a young age through professional education in AI, robots, and drones.

ALUX, an edutech company specializing in robots, educates growing children on various future technologies such as AI, robots, drones, and coding. To date, the number of students who have experienced ALUX's robot edutech is more than 300,000 nationwide, making it a cradle for early nurturing of IT talent.

The core product line includes the 'PROBO Series,' a robot teaching tool that is synonymous with the robot education brand, 'VINU,' the world's first unplugged coding tool that allows coding education without computer connection, and a 'drone' controllable in conjunction with a coding program. Children who go through ALUX's professional training course learn the overall mechanism by which robots operate, experience the world of practical coding, and are equipped with the framework to grow into IT experts.

ALUX recently participated in the International IoT Home Appliance Robot Expo and received excited responses by introducing educational drones and robots. In addition, based on self-developed robot coding materials, content, and large-scale infrastructure, the company expanded into the drone education field and began training aviation science talent. Based on a lineup of competitive drone products, such as the 'modular safety net drone' that even kindergarteners can easily learn, and the youth drone soccer ball 'Sky Kick 2', ALUX teaches the A to Z of 'drones' step by step.

This lineup of educational programs and teaching aids can also be accessed in a separate offline experience space. ALUX  recently opened 'AXtar Coding,' an elementary and middle school coding education academy, and is introducing its own teaching aids and programs. As part of a project to expand the B2C market, AXtar Coding is attracting a lot of attention as a program that lowers the barrier to entry into coding and increases accessibility.

Meanwhile, ALUX's edutech courses are garnering attention not only in Korea, but also overseas. In particular, the Global PRC (G-PRC) robot coding competition held yearly since 2014, is securing its global status. G-PRC, which has already grown into a competition with more than 10,000 participants each year from various countries such as Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, is becoming a place where children can enjoy and learn new technologies, such as robots and coding, as if it were a form of play. Here, students can compete with robots and drones, collaborate to solve problems, and develop core competencies to grow into future talents.

◇ Mobility talent: Hyundai Motor Company operates elementary and middle school programs to cultivate talent to lead the mobility industry.

There is also a rapid movement to foster talented individuals who will lead the mobility industry. Hyundai Motor Company has been operating the ‘Future Mobility School’ since 2016 and is focusing on nurturing related talent. This place is characterized as a specialized career education program with a free semester system in middle school and creative experiential activities in elementary school.

Future Mobility School has consistently received favorable reviews from the educational community for its easy and fun structured experiential learning related to automotive engineering principles and future mobility. The number of students who have experienced this education has also steadily increased, with a total of 70,000 students from 1,850 elementary and middle schools nationwide reportedly receiving the education as of last year.

This year, they are covering new mobility concepts that will emerge in the future under the theme of clean mobility and sustainability, and are providing experiential learning applicable to club activities and after-school learning in line with the perspectives of the growing generation.

Classes are divided into regular and short-term programs for middle school students and elementary programs for 4th to 6th-grade elementary school students. The middle school regular program will be conducted under the theme of 'Smart City Life Enjoyed with Clean Mobility,' and the middle school short-term program will cover 'human-centered future smart cities,' and the elementary school program will cover 'future smart cities created by mobility.'

◇ Space science talent: Hanwha x KAIST, fostering space experts through the ‘Space Gifted Project’ for middle school students

'Pebble of Space,' jointly operated by Hanwha Space Hub, which oversees Hanwha Group's space business, and KAIST, is an educational program whose application is open to all first- or second-year middle school students interested in space.

This course was created to nurture talent to engage in the domestic space industry and research. Through this, Hanwha and KAIST plan to contribute to securing national space competitiveness by nurturing space experts who will participate in the government's recent lunar exploration in 2032 and landing on Mars in 2045.

This program, called the ‘Korean version of NASA Space School,’ is expected to serve as a stepping stone for growth for Korean youth interested in space. The program is self-directed in all processes, from selecting a research task to specifying logic and completing it, and provides access to a lecture curriculum that combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as a space humanities conference that combines literature, history, and philosophy.

Representatively, students participating in the second program, recruited in May of this year, listened to basic science theory and space humanities lectures at KAIST for a total of six months starting in July, and participated in the 'Experiential Space Mission Project' with aerospace engineering department faculty and master's and doctoral mentors. The Space Humanities Conference will feature lecturers from various fields, including Professor Kim Sang-wook of the Department of Physics at Kyung Hee University and Professor Hyun-joon Yoo of the College of Architecture and Urbanism at Hongik University.

The program plans to provide generous support to those who complete the training, by providing benefits such as

△ KAIST Presidential Certificate △ Opportunity to take classes at KAIST Gifted Education Center △ KAIST mentoring △ 1:1 career consulting from experts △ Overseas visits for all students.

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