Robotics 4.0 Era, 'Robots' Rise in Daily Life

로보틱스 4.0 시대, 일상 속에서 ‘로봇’이 뜬다

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the size of the global robot industry was around $25 billion (about 33 trillion won) in 2020, but in line with the growing demand for robots in various industries, the size of the robot industry is expected to grow 20% annually and reach $160 billion (about 213 trillion won) by 2030.

Academia classifies this current point as the stage of robot popularization and the 'Robotics 4.0' period. Now, we are moving away from technological competition and toward an era of robots that can provide differentiated values across services and industries. Humanoid robots, which have evolved similarly to humans, are also attracting attention, but interest in robots that provide help, convenience, and interest that can enter the daily life of the public and touch the skin is also growing.

Therefore, we introduce robot development companies that are naturally showing their presence in various parts of our daily lives, such as entertainment-type robots, facility management robots, and cultural commentary robots that can learn coding fun.

■ ALUX Expands All-round Market From Entertainment to Edutech With Localized Technology Robots

Entertainment-type robots and drones, like Lego, that both children and adults can play as a hobby together, are popular. ALUX, an edutech company specializing in robots, recently launched Exciting, a coding robot that combines "entertainment" and "education." Exciting is a new product of Provo Connect, a key product line-up of ALUX , that allows several people to enjoy robot-based coding games together. It is easy and fun to play with and can be used as a teaching tool.

In the case of Provo Connect, it is possible to develop creativity by freely assembling robots with a solid high-intensity structure, so it is possible to implement various types of robots by combining various parts like Lego. As you can make robots using various parts as you think, it is gaining popularity as an enterprise robot product that not only children but also adults can enjoy.

ALUX is rapidly emerging as a major player in the ultra-small drone robot market, accelerating the production of drone products that add emergency power to robot technology by further boosting technology. It is focusing on product development so that it can create a variety of entertainment contents beyond leisure sports by targeting the hobby market, and in the first half of this year, it will introduce a new drone-type model "Coding Rider," which can perform sophisticated coding by integrating the strengths of existing drone models. ALUX is leading the way in promoting drone culture by expanding it to a wide range of drone contents such as drone shows and drone performances at local government events to promote drone culture.

Currently, ALUX is based on 100% domestic technology and production of all products, including robots and drones, and has secured a variety of product lines by conducting the entire development, production, and commercialization process at a speed of less than six months. In the future, it plans to become a robot technology company by adding hardware capabilities that combine AI.

■ Marosol to introduce 'Gausium' cleaning robot to improve workplace workers' working environment in Korea

Robots that provide comfort by improving working environments at various workplaces are also drawing attention. Marosol, a total robot solution company, is expanding its facility management and cleaning business in the domestic market by serving as the distributor of Gausium, a subsidiary of Softbank Robotics.

Gausium cleaning robots have attracted attention since they were introduced from large corporate sites to create a clean environment for large facilities, and are in high demand, with more than 200 units sold in Korea through Marosol last year. It is mainly introduced by semiconductor manufacturing plants, large buildings, complex commercial spaces, and silver towns that need to maintain a clean working environment.

The robot is more versatile as it is complete with hardware as well as software. The cleaning robot with the heterogeneous robot integrated control solution "SOLlink" has the advantage of being able to check the cleaning area, workload, and work efficiency in real time, and the elevator linkage function allows it to move between floors and clean even in high-rise buildings.

■ QI, from AR to remote access services... Pay attention to Korea's No. 1 robot official who explains culture

There is also a robot that promotes Korea's proud culture and technology. QI, a cultural commentary robot, is Korea's No. 1 robot official who works as a non-face-to-face commentator in 13 major cultural spaces and exhibition facilities nationwide, including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Jeju Aerospace Museum.

Currently, QI is working as a non-face-to-face commentator at 13 places nationwide, including the National Museum of Korea, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and the Jeju Aerospace Museum. It provides more than 340,000 cultural commentary services and multi-lingual artificial intelligence guidance services annually.

The robot provides real-time companion services using augmented reality technology (AR) and guides artworks to mountainous and island areas through remote access. The real-time companion service using augmented reality technology features visitors to experience and be guided in real time through the front and rear screens of the robot body.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is piloting a remote access service so that exhibition works can be seen through QI in mountainous and island areas. The service for the underprivileged will also be expanded to provide sign language cultural commentary and voice guidance subtitles for the visually impaired, picture commentary and cultural commentary services, and accompanying guidance services for the mobile underprivileged.

■ Samsung Electronics 'Boli', a home robot equipped with butler function aimed at the growing pet market

Not only pets that need help at home but also multi-purpose household robots for the elderly and children are becoming a reality. Samsung Electronics unveiled its home robot, "Ballie," at CES 2024. With the so-called butler function, which can serve as a helper for pets, Bolie will bring new technologies and expanded experiences to customers.

Ball-shaped Boli is a fast-paced, self-driving vehicle that recognizes many parts of the house and enables users to perform various tasks in conjunction with home appliances. It is driven by learning the user's lifestyle and making judgments according to the situation. It also serves as a helper for not only pets but also children and the elderly, and it attracts attention as it can check health conditions or send videos to communicate with family members far away.

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