Popularity of various ‘all-in-one’ integrated learning platforms that provide content

Popularity of various ‘all-in-one’ integrated learning platforms that provide content

- Securing service competitiveness through systematic and diverse functions in the edtech industry
- Alux’s digital education all-in-one platform, ‘Tomorrow is Teacher’

Recently, the edtech industry has been increasing its service competitiveness through systematic and diverse functions that not only secure the diversity of content but also improve accessibility. In particular, it is attracting attention as it strives to maximize user convenience by promoting an ‘all-in-one’ service that can effectively perform the entire learning process within a single platform.

Beyond providing high-quality classes, you can receive an integrated learning platform that increases satisfaction and immersion with a variety of functions, a total digital education app for educators and test takers, and textbooks from famous education publishers as e-books with various learning functions linked. There are a variety of services available.

▲ Class 101 provided. 

◇ Class 101

Class 101 provides a variety of online classes containing the knowledge and know-how of experts in each field, as well as functions that provide a consistent and enjoyable learning experience.

An integrated learning platform that brings together services that can help you learn, such as 'Playlist', which allows you to create your own course list, and 'Challenge', which helps you maintain your goals and communicate with classmates who have the same goal. We set out to strengthen our competitiveness.

In particular, the recently introduced 'Resolution' is a new function that encourages individuals to consistently practice and achieve their learning goals and objectives. It upgrades the existing attendance function to add personal goal creation and notification, and rewards upon success. If you register your monthly personal goal and complete the attendance check for more than 14 days, you will receive a badge as a reward, so you can feel a sense of accomplishment along with the fun of collecting badges after achieving your goal.

Currently, Class 101 offers approximately 5,900 online classes in 25 top categories and 140 sub-categories, including self-development, hobbies, profit-making, investment, language, and kids, on one platform.

에이럭스 제공.

▲ Alux

◇ Alux ‘IMSSAM’

Alux’s education and distribution community platform ‘IMSSAM ’ is a service for education workers active in various educational spaces starting in June 2022. It provides all-in-one functions, including purchasing teaching materials, sharing employment information, and managing personal portfolios, to those in education who suffer from information asymmetry. Through continuous service advancement, it is establishing itself as an all-in-one digital education platform.

'IMSSAM' is a teaching materials mart where you can purchase or rent robots, drones, teaching materials, etc., and is characterized by being able to conveniently manage applications and applications for various competitions such as robots and cubes. We have implemented all education-related tasks and information sharing within the platform, including competition management that allows customization of the operating system according to the characteristics of the competition, and community story, recruitment, and training services that provide instructor activities and recruitment information. 

Alux hopes to create synergy by fusing the 'IMSSAM' platform with its hardware manufacturing and software development competitiveness to complete the construction of a total digital education infrastructure and achieve high growth. We plan to provide convergence content between various educational channels as well as connected content in the form of modules suited to the purpose of each educational institution, and enhance satisfaction and learning effectiveness by strengthening professional educational content and information for instructors.

슬링 제공.

▲ Sling provided.

◇ Sling ‘Orzo’

Sling developed ‘Orzo’, a learning app exclusively for tablet PCs, focusing on problem-solving activities that middle and high school students spend the most time on.

Orzo is a platform where you can study CSAT past questions by writing and grading them using a smart pencil on a tablet app. It provides a variety of content for studying for the CSAT, including past CSAT questions, past exam questions, mock tests, and CSAT linked textbooks.

In addition, there is also original content secured through external partnerships such as publishers and academies. Orzo curates these problems by type and difficulty and also produces and distributes video explanations. In addition, there are functions such as wrong answer notes and study planner, so all learning activities related to studying for the college entrance exam are possible with just the Orzo app.

▲ Provided by Flexel.

◇ Flexel

The digital learning platform ‘Flexle’ allows elementary, middle, high school, and college students, as well as test-takers preparing for civil service, certification, and language studies, to learn simply and effectively in digital environments such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptops.

'SCONN', an app that allows test takers to purchase and download content such as online lectures and e-books to view and take notes; 'Flexl', a digital writing app that combines a PDF viewer and notes; and more than 360 schools and educational institutions at home and abroad. There are 'Flexel for Education', an electronic whiteboard document viewer and annotation solution 'Flexel Board' used in . By utilizing the main platform called Flexl, you can use various additional functions.

Among these, Scon, launched by Flexel in 2022, exclusively supplies e-book services to famous domestic education companies such as Megastudy and Daesung MyMac, and provides video lectures and teaching materials from famous educational publishers such as YBM, Sedyu, Mother Tongue, and Darakwon. It is distributed as an e-book with various learning functions such as automatic grading and automatic creation of incorrect answer notes.

Recently, together with the Korea University Publishers Association and the Academic Electronic Publishing Cooperative, we have been providing electronic university textbooks to 13 universities across the country, including Korea University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Chungbuk National University, and Pusan National University, since March.

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